Advice and Guidance for HE Students

Our HE Guidance Tutor provides ongoing and unbiased support to students studying Higher Education courses at Cirencester College, whilst ensuring that they know how to get the most out of the college’s services for students. The HE Guidance Tutor will be involved in the Admissions and Enrolment of new HE students and will help induct and Integrate students into the College and the transition to Higher Education. Through informal one to one interviews the HE Guidance Tutor will provide reviews of students’ progress against both their academic and personal goals and provide information, advice and guidance about further study and employment opportunities. The HE Guidance tutor will be the first point of contact for any HE student seeking information or support.

For prospective HE students, the Guidance Tutor can provide information about the College, the local area (including accommodation), our courses and the financial implications of studying.

Contact the HE Guidance Tutor through email or by telephone (01285) 626108.