Effort Grades

Here at Cirencester College we have a clear philosophy that places your son or daughter at the centre of their learning. Recognising the importance of developing them as a person, we will give them the best opportunity to succeed, not only in their selected area of study, but in their pursuits outside and beyond college.

It is widely supported in research and in practice that a person’s academic success is underpinned by their levels of effort and their application to learning. High levels of effort will enhance their approach to learning, helping to ensure that they achieve their target grade. Thus, throughout your son or daughter’s time here at the College, they will experience a noticeable emphasis upon their effort. Effort is what will drive their learning and is what will determine their trajectory beyond college. As such, we will be investing in developing your son or daughter’s psychological approach to learning with focus in the first term remaining solely on their efforts and application to chosen studies. During the first term, the feedback you will receive will refer specifically to their efforts and the development of features that are integral to their learning.

The aim is to develop positive habits that will contribute toward your son or daughter becoming a confident, robust, energetic, and motivated student ready to achieve their highest grades possible. Their effort levels will be supported

and monitored by our excellent staff members, who will endeavour to instil the positive behaviours that will provide them with the right skills and mentality to excel.