We also offer an employability programme to help those students who want to improve their employability skills but are not on a Career Ready programme. Employability Plus provides access to workshops and masterclasses and it helps develop the skills needed for students to research their career options, develop career plans and secure their chosen roles.

Eddie Murray
(Talent Acquisition Manager – Hardware Group)

“Students from the IT Academy at Cirencester College visited Hardware Group recently to gain an insight into our business and help inspire them to pursue a career in technology. The students had the opportunity to have a tour around our state-of-the-art Technology Innovation Centre that provides a real-world, comprehensive environment to showcase, evaluate and test multi-vendor solution stacks and applications.  This was a great opportunity for us to meet with these talented students who had many questions and help give them a different perspective on the many and varied career paths that technology has to offer.”

Nikki Steed
(Customer Service Manager – Capita)

“I was delighted to be invited to run a recent Masterclass, Success at Interviews, and be able to share my experiences alongside the excellent training material. The students were engaged, participated enthusiastically and took away some valuable learning to hopefully help them be one step ahead of the competition when they start to apply for roles in the workplace.”

Emma Hotchkiss
(Relationship Bank Manager – Future Williams & Glyn)

“Fantastic opportunity to help grow and shape a young person on their way into the big wide world! We have discussed everything from exam stresses to job opportunities in 20 years’ time! A great way to develop yourself personally as well.”

Anna Stretch
(Sales Academy Manager – Outsource UK)

“Outsource UK has been an active organisation in supporting the College / Careers Ready Programme for a number of years. We have found that the internships that we have offered have provided the students with not only some invaluable office experience but also we have seen their confidence and communication skills improve immensely over the programme. We have as a result not only employed people directly in permanent positions from the college after their studies as well as been business advisors to other students in finding suitable university and work placements elsewhere.”

Students on a vocational study programme will undertake work experience as part of their course. For non-vocational study programmes students are encouraged to gain relevant work experience to prepare them for their future.