Tutorial, Careers and Personal Development Support

Whilst at college your tutor will guide you through a programme of activities and events designed to help you make the transition from school to work or university.

Progression and Pastoral Tutors and Student Attendance

Provide pastoral support for students on a drop in basis. They are based centrally in the Hub area to provide immediate assistance and problem solving on issues relating to attendance, well-being and performance. Our Progression Tutors and Pastoral Tutors also intervene where attendance levels are of concern and work with students and parents to overcome any barriers to their achievement. For every 10% drop in attendance, students can be expected to drop a whole grade therefore this role helps reinforce the importance of good attendance to lessons which we expect from our students. We appreciate there will be circumstances when lessons have to be missed and we will record these reasons appropriately.

We may also refer you to a Pastoral Lead for discussions about any additional support that can be put in place to ensure the effect on student success is minimised. We strongly advise you to register on Parent Zone (see page 2) to monitor your son or daughter’s live attendance data. Taqhere is always a Tutor on call in the Hub to help students with any queries.

We may also refer you to a Pastoral Lead for discussions about any additional support that can be put in place to ensure the effect on student success is minimised.

Personal Tutors

We have a team of Personal Tutors who are responsible for your son’s or daughter’s welfare and progress. Please ensure you know the name of your son or daughter’s tutor once term starts either via Parent Zone or by asking your son/daughter. The key purposes of the tutorial role are:

  • To induct and integrate students
    into the College and the transition to student life and ensure that they thrive.
  • To create a tutor group identity around student ambitions and interest and provide tutorial activities which build upon this.
  • To provide students with a clear line of sight to employment, self-employment or HE; developing their confidence and relevant skills in order to get there. To manage their individual ‘tutoring pathway’ to ensure that it is fit for purpose.
  • To safeguard and promote the welfare, equality and diversity for all students.

Each Personal Tutor is committed to supporting each of their tutees in achieving their full potential. We would appreciate you making contact with the Personal Tutor over any matters to do with your son or daughter’s programme of study, or any issues that may be affecting this.

Tutors are responsible for:

  • Clearly and actively signposting support services (academic support, careers guidance, counselling, Pastoral Leads)
  • Encouraging students to take an active role in their own progress and learning outside the classroom
  • Addressing and dealing with attendance concerns that can act as a barrier to success
  • Liaising with parents/carers
  • Provide pastoral care, guidance and support
  • Actively supporting students to engage with and contribute to the life of the College and beyond
  • Safeguarding and actively promoting equality & diversity, British values and preventing radicalisation

Tutorial Programme

Tutorial activities

Delivering a tutorial programme to ensure students are learning valuable life skills and settling into college life.  We call this programme Ed for life.

Next-step focus

  • Providing first-level progression guidance and referring to careers guidance where necessary
  • Supporting students completing UCAS, CVs, employment applications and work experience
  • Provide UCAS and employment references for their tutees

Outcomes focus

  • Monitor and track the progress of their students against targets (for example attendance, CPGs (current projected grades) and assignment completion), intervening or referring where necessary.
  • Setting aspirational targets for students ensuring they are on track to achieve their potential.
  • Negotiating an Personal Development Plan (PDP) with students.