Whilst at college your tutor will guide you through a programme of activities and events designed to help you make the transition from school to work or university.

Progression Tutor and Student Attendance

Provide pastoral support for students on a drop in basis. They are based centrally in the Hub area to provide immediate assistance and problem solving on issues relating to attendance, well-being and performance.

Our Progression Tutor and Attendance Tutor also intervene where attendance levels are of concern and work with students and parents to overcome any barriers to their achievement.

For every 10% drop in attendance, students can be expected to drop a whole grade therefore this role helps reinforce the importance of good attendance to lessons which we expect from our students.

We appreciate there will be circumstances when lessons have to be missed and we will record these reasons appropriately.

We may also refer you to a Pastoral Manager for discussions about any additional support

that can be put in place to ensure the effect on student success is minimised.

There is always  a Tutor on call in the Hub to help students with any queries.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors and Progression Tutors are responsible for:


• Clearly and actively signposting support services (academic support, careers guidance, counselling, Pastoral Managers)

• Encouraging students to take an active role in their own progress and learning

outside the classroom

• Addressing and dealing with attendance concerns that can act as a barrier to


• Liaising with parents/carers

• Provide pastoral care, guidance and support

• Actively supporting students to engage with and contribute to the life of the College and beyond

• Safeguarding and actively promoting equality & diversity, British values and preventing radicalisation


Tutors Groups

  • Delivering a tutorial programme to ensure students are learning valuable life skills and settling into college life
  • Weekly tutor group activities focusing on the students’ ambitions.

Personal Tutoring: one-to-one

Personal Tutors support students on their journey through College, helping students to settle in and working together to help ensure the best results possible.  This is done by tracking progress and supporting students into becoming independent learners.  As well as reviewing target grades, tutors will set separate targets linked to their progression, whether that is in higher education or employment and will be a key point of contact for parents.

Target Setting and Academic Monitoring: one-to-one

Next-step focus

  • Providing first-level progression guidance and referring to careers guidance where necessary
  • Supporting students completing UCAS, CVs, employment applications and work experience


  • Provide UCAS and employment references for their tutees


Outcomes focus

• Monitor and track the progress of their students against targets (for exampleattendance, CPGs (current projected grades) and assignment completion),

intervening or referring where necessary

• Setting aspirational targets for students ensuring they are on track to achieve

their potential

Negotiating an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with students.

Pastoral Managers

Personal and Progression Tutors are supported by Pastoral Managers who are responsible for the guidance, counselling, pastoral care and monitoring of progress for 16-19 year old students. They are also involved in target setting, progress reviews, reference writing, following up concerns and disciplinary issues.

Pastoral Managers are rather like School Year-Heads. Each Pastoral Manager has a designated area of responsibility:

Jenny Owen

Jenny leads on Welfare, Safeguarding and Financial Support


Charlotte Vaughan

Charlotte leads on Careers Guidance and



Mike Cadman

Mike leads on Higher Education Guidance

High Achievers and Vets & Medics.


Please be confident that every member of the tutorial team fully respects the need to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.

Jenny Owen

Pastoral Manager

Charlotte Vaughan

Pastoral Manager Charlotte also leads on Careers Guidance and Employability.

Mike Cadman


Students can access free one-to-one confidential counselling on site. The Counselling Service enables students to explore and understand issues, be they personal, family or College related, that are impacting negatively on their ability to gain the most from their time at College. Any student who would like to see if counsellingis appropriate for them can make an appointment through by contacting Jenny Owen or by emailing counselling@cirencester.ac.uk

Safeguarding and Security

Cirencester College takes it’s safeguarding responsibilities towards our students very seriously. All our staff have undertaken safeguarding and Prevent training and we have appointed dedicated Safeguarding Officers who can be contacted with any concerns:

Karen Fraser karen.fraser@cirencester.ac.uk

Jenny Owen jenny.owen@cirencester.ac.uk

Mike Cadman mike.cadman@cirencester.ac.uk

Charlotte Vaughan charlotte.vaughan@cirencester.ac.uk

The tutorial system supports students in staying safe including advice on online threats and radicalisation. Our Security Officers will become familiar faces to all our students. Throughout the day they have various roles around the campus, keeping an eye on the well-being of staff, students and visitors.

Between them they make a world of difference, ensuring the College is a safe environment. There is also a tutor duty room in main reception, where a tutor will be available to deal with concerns and offer advice on an emergency basis should the need arise.

Whilst at college your tutor will guide you through a programme of activities and events designed to help you make the transition from school to work or university.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Financial Management
  • Staying Safe