An Introduction To Breadmaking

An Introduction To Breadmaking

Steven has many years of experience making bread and will explain the science underlying the interaction between ingredients to enable the student to not only replicate the results of the workshop at home but to also adjust and refine recipes to achieve the bread they really want to eat.

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What topics are covered?

Ingredients involved in breadmaking and their interaction.

The importance of kneading and fermentation – how these can lead to longevity of a white loaf using a proportion of pre-fermented dough to improve keeping quality, digestibility and taste.

Making pitta bread to investigate the effect a single proof has on bread, making bread rolls to refine hand moulding and to understand crust formation, making a soda bread to see how bicarbonate of soda can be used as a leavening agent and making a Swedish Tea Ring to see how the use of a flying sponge can assist the rise of enriched dough

How will I learn?

The sessions will be hands-on and interactive.

Multi-sensory learning using touch but also the senses of smell, taste and sight.

What do I need to bring?

Short sleeved top and an apron.