Sourdough Baking

Sourdough Baking

Steven Rule has many years of experience making bread and will explain the science underlying the interaction between ingredients to enable the student to not only replicate the results of the workshop at home but to also adjust and refine recipes to achieve the bread they really want to eat.

Mon 23rd Sep 2019
09:00 – 17:00
External Venue

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What topics are covered?

The course will concentrate on using both wheat and rye starters to make a number of different types of bread.  We will use a wheat liquid levain to produce a white sourdough loaf and compare this with the use of a stiff levain culture by producing a malted granary miche.   We will then make a sourdough pizza base using a liquid rye levain before making a 100% rye loaf using a stiff rye starter and the scalded grain method.

How will I learn?

The sessions will be hands-on and interactive.

Multi-sensory learning using touch but also the senses of smell, taste and sight.

What do I need to bring?

Short sleeved top and an apron.