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Adult Education & Community Learning

We provide a range of courses to inspire adults in a friendly, encouraging and supportive environment.

If you are thinking about volunteering, applying for a job or would like to progress within your career, our courses present an ideal opportunity for you to develop your skills, improve your employability prospects and gain valuable qualifications.

Which course is right for me?

All of our courses are for adults age 19+


GCSE is the course for you:

    • If you don’t already have a C grade in English or Maths GCSE

    • If you are confident that you know the subject well

    • You want a revision class to prepare you and enter you for the summer exams


Pre GCSE is the course for you:

    • If you need a short knowledge booster before taking the GCSE course

    • If you have been away from education for a while

    • You want to boost your confidence in Maths and English

    • This is the perfect stepping stone for the GCSE course


Functional Skills is the course for you:

    • If you don’t have a C grade in GCSE or a pass grade in Functional skills Level 2

    • If you are worried or unsure about returning to education

    • If you have had a bad (unmotivated) experience of education – You will soon feel pleased with your progress

    • Functional skills are recognised qualifications themselves, but can also give you the perfect base to progress to GCSE


ESOL is the course for you:

    • If your first language is not English

    • If you studied / lived in another country

    • and you want to improve your English for your Job, your life or your children

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What our students say about our courses

I decided to join the classes because I wanted to do well in my job and to keep on exceeding and to do so I needed my Maths and English. I enjoyed meeting everyone and the tutors were so nice and very understanding when you couldn’t join the class on a evening.

If you’re thinking about joining the adult classes then don’t be worried because everyone is so nice and friendly and I’ve never had a boring lesson, EVER.

I 100% recommended Cirencester college for adult functional skills classes to anyone who’s interested in going.

Photo of Functional Skills Maths and English student 20/21.
Eavie - Functional Skills Maths and English 20/21
Photo of a GCSE maths student.
Kerry Warner - GCSE Maths 20/21

After having my children, I decided at 29 it was time to concentrate on something I have wanted to do for a long time (becoming a midwife). But to accomplish this I needed to have a GCSE grade C or above.

Previously I had completed Key Skills in Maths and Adult numeracy, both of which I really struggle with and the thought of doing GCSE Math again terrified me. But I needed to do it.

My first point of contact after applying was very lovely and informative, making sure the whole experience was as stress free as it could be.

I went into my first class and was relieved to see that the class had a wide range of ages from different backgrounds and men and woman, all wanting to achieve their math qualifications for different reasons (I was worried it would be a lot of 18-year olds)

Our tutor, from the minute we met, was amazing, she made everyone feel so relaxed and made lessons fun. Never did I think that I would find maths as simple as I did. That is massively because of the tutor and the way she teaches.

I actually enjoyed the lessons and some of maths (algebra still seems nuts to me). But I owe all this to the teacher and Cirencester college, for helping me have confidence in my ability with no pressure, even during a pandemic.

So, if you are thinking of taking the course, but not sure, all I can say is DO IT, it may change your life and make you feel confident that you can achieve whatever you want!

I have so much respect and gratitude for the team at Cirencester College!

I took English classes, as I wanted to improve my prospects of a career in social care. To start this journey, I attended evening classes at the Churn Project in Cirencester, where I started a class on functional skills for English.

I completely amazed myself at how well I did and what I achieved with all the help from the teacher who worked in Cirencester College. It was a start to achieve some of my goals and with the support I was given, made the experience a very positive one. After all the progress I was making, I continued into college and I attended a GCSE class once a week on a Tuesday evening. The tutors in college were very helpful in finding the things they felt I needed to work on and, before I knew it, I was in a steady flow of learning lots of new things.

I would highly recommend these courses to anyone that wants to improve their overall knowledge of English, not only can you develop your understanding with writing, they also helped me improve my confidence with speaking to new people and being able to present myself in a good way.

Thank you to everyone from Cirencester College, for the fantastic opportunity you gave me and for the new knowledge I now have.

Photo of a Functional Skills English and GCSE English student
Jamie - Functional Skills English 19/20 - GCSE English 20/21

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