Work experience in COVID times

Cirencester College really values the support of employers and the local community to deliver effective and supportive employability skills for students.

Work experience is an excellent way of providing students with the types of experiences that affirm career plans and open doors to other avenues.

In COVID times we recognise our employers’ trepidation with offering ‘live’ experiences but still feel they can help us shape student experience at the College, alongside informing us of the skills required in the 21st Century workplace.

We have three ways in which we feel employers can help us provide these vital employability experiences/skills.

Project Endorsement

Many of our students and in particular our vocational students undertake significant individual project qualifications. Students work on relevant projects for their courses and endorsement by a relevant sector employer will not only add kudos to their project but provides a validity to their ideas.

Some examples of student work include:

  • A Mediterranean cookbook with accompanying information on positive impact of the Mediterranean diet on dementia. (Health and Social Care)
  • A Social media page newsletter for local sports team, promoting activities available during lockdown and impact of keeping in touch. (Sports course)

Project Judges

Alongside an employer endorsement we are looking for employers to judge projects at the end of each academic year. For this we would need no more than a few hours and the option here is that it can be completed remotely.

Work Based Projects

This is an ideal opportunity for an employer who may have a project or a recurring issue which could do with a fresh set of eyes.  This could be as simple as a work rota that avoids COVID ‘bubbles’ to ensure continuity of service to a marketing strategy to an engineering problem.

We are not expecting employers to hand these projects over but working on a challenge set by a sector employer adds so much credibility to the work our students undertake and will help us frame the problems as work experience

We have had successful ‘remote’ work experience with some of our national employers. Ranging from seminars to mentoring through to remote work with a partner

If you would like to know more about how you can help or you would like to offer an opportunity to our students please fill in the form below and a member of our Work Experience Team will get in touch with you.