Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing is key to your learning. It is important that you have a healthy body and mind to help you to understand and retain the new knowledge you are learning in your classes.

We all know that exercise plays a significant role in our physical health. However our mental health also greatly benefits from physical activity; it increases the endorphins created in our bodies which are good for relieving ‘exam stress’ and anxiety. Developing and exploring our creative skills, is also good for our mental health, particularly if you are not studying art related subjects.

Our aim is to help students of all abilities and backgrounds to improve their social, nutritional, emotional, mental  and physical wellbeing.

How does the College help with my health, fitness and wellbeing?

Whilst your health and wellbeing are key to your learning, physical activity can also provide excellent transferable life skills.  Some activities will develop your skills of leadership, communication, teamwork and resilience that will help you in your future employment. We call these employability skills. We hope to help you to develop a set of go-to ‘wellbeing tools’ that you know will help you in your future studies, at work and in life.

Through our community and club partnerships, Cirencester College has a range of enrichments for students to get involved in, ranging from participation, coaching, volunteering and a variety of workshops.

At Cirencester College, we want to provide all students with a wide range of opportunities and workshops on making healthy lifestyle choices on a regular basis. If you have any ideas of your own, our Sport Engagement Project Office will be interested to hear from you. We welcome student led activities and can help you to set up and run a new club.