What are tutors?

Every student at Cirencester College has a tutor to look after them. Your tutor will work with you one-to-one to help you to develop independent learning skills and to keep you on track. You will also be given a pastoral or progression tutor who will help you to look after your wellbeing and support you to achieve your career goals.

Tutors are allocated to you based on your career aim and/or subject choice. This allows us to make the information we give you relevant to what you are planning to do.

What is in the tutorial programme?

Our tutorial programme is essentially designed to focus on your personal development, social skills and health and wellbeing, to prepare you for life after college. Therefore, we offer a wide-ranging programme of topics which will include money management, higher education talks, career progression and themed weeks such as World Mental Health. We will also look at current affairs in the news, looking at the different viewpoints, allowing you to articulate your thoughts, discuss and debate with your peers. All this will help you develop as a person and become a well-rounded individual, essential to future employers and universities.

Also, as part of the tutor programme, personal tutors will see you for:

  • Tailored one to one conversations called Personal Development Plan (PDP), meetings to talk about your progression plans
  • Time to discuss and review personal targets
  • Weekly Tutorial sessions, for year one students. In your second year, you will have tutorials in the autumn term to support UCAS
  • and apprenticeship/employment applications
  • You will work on a wellbeing plan with your tutor to help you develop tools and skills, to manage your wellbeing now, and in the future
  • A safe space to share any concerns you or your tutor may have