Wisepay is the online payment portal used by Cirencester College.

Parents of current students should login to ParentZone and click the Wisepay button there.

Parents of applicants should login to Applicant Portal and click the Wisepay button there.

Students can also access the Wisepay link from Student CCO

Please note:

  • It is NOT possible to login directly to the Wisepay website.
  • We do not issue ‘family’ accounts so parents will need to login separately to ParentZone / Wisepay for each child.

If you are using a Mobile or a Tablet please be aware

There is no issue using WisePay on a phone or tablet but customers will have phones or tablets of all ages and therefore some browsers will be out of date versions. There are also multiple settings on phones that could cause an issue (predictive text for example when logging in). If you have any issues with WisePay when using a mobile phone or a tablet, please try updating your browser to the latest version. If you are still experiencing issues please use a computer or laptop as you should not encounter any issues using these devices.