Sport and Development Squads

We are committed to offering a range of sports and fitness classes that will suit everyone, whatever their abilities. Whether you are someone who likes to compete or just wants to join in for fun, you should find something that suits you.

Students playing dodgeball

Can I take part in competitive sport at Cirencester College?

For those keen to stay in competitive sports and participate in weekly training sessions, we have our own renowned Football Academy and Sports Development Squads.

They development squads sit within the student’s programme of study, which will include training sessions and competitive matches.

The students also get the opportunity to:

  • Improve the standard of their own individual performance
  • Enhance their career prospects
  • Become involved with coaching or leadership
  • Develop a personal portfolio with their coach with a detailed improvement action plan
  • Take individual fitness testing and monitoring
  • Have free fitness centre membership
  • Gain NGB coaching awards
  • Gain entry into the AOC sport national championships
  • Be involved in organising a cross-college sports event
  • Be involved in organising community sports events

Football Academy

Cirencester College has its very own Football Academy which focusses on the development of talented footballers. Football training is integrated into the student’s timetable ensuring that academia and sport go hand-in-hand.

football academy training
rugby lineout
netball training
rugby training
netball game