Pastoral Tutor and Student

What is Pastoral Support at Cirencester College?

Pastoral support at college provides care and guidance to students on their life at college, such as managing their learning, their wellbeing and planning for their future.

What is Pastoral Support in Cirencester College?

Pastoral support will help students to manage the transition from school to sixth form college. It is an exciting step from school to college which can also be challenging; our team of tutors help to provide individual care, nurturing each student to settle in to life at college and to help you to achieve the best you can.
Pastoral support at Cirencester College also includes a counselling service and one-to-one careers guidance including the option to explore Morrisby.

What are tutors?

Every student at Cirencester College has a tutor to look after them. Your tutor will work with you one-to-one to help you to develop independent learning skills and to keep you on track. You will also be given a pastoral or progression tutor who will help you to look after your wellbeing and support you to achieve your career goals.

What are Pastoral Leads?

Pastoral Leads help to steer the direction of support at Cirencester College. They have specialisms in health and wellbeing, careers and progression or tutoring. The are also deputy safeguarding leads and work with external agencies to ensure you get the support you need.

How do I get hold of my tutor or the pastoral team?

The name and contact details for your tutor and the pastoral team are on your individualised CCO (Cirencester College On-line) page. This page also includes lots of helpful tips and links for self-help and quick information. Your CCO feed will also give you student notices including information about events, university open days and work experience opportunities.