Why Choose Cirencester College?

Cirencester College T-Level Building

“Welcome to our amazing College. Our neat combination of “a grown-up university-like campus” and “independence with a safety net” has a well-earned reputation for generating confident, creative, enthusiastic and skilled learners, with superb results too. We pride ourselves on offering the widest range and combination of A-levels and T-levels in the region, within an environment where you’re challenged and supported to be the absolute best you can be.

How are we so good? Whatever your ability, we have very high expectations of every learner that joins the Cirencester family and we set the standard high too. This is coupled with inspiring support from specialist teachers who are approachable and care about every individual in their charge. Our Pastoral Support is brilliant; the team provide guidance through issues you may face, and also help advise, mentor and support you as you progress. While all this is topped off with personally valuable enrichment activities specially designed to broaden your recreational and academic horizons.

Every week, motivated young people get on a bus and use our excellent transport network to travel across our 60-mile catchment area especially to come here, and that really means something to me. I’m so proud that the stunning efforts of our College team have the power to generate that level of commitment and enthusiasm to learn. We have great facilities, resources and buildings, but we also have that extra factor that makes this a special place to be: we are absolutely driven to be the best for you. I would always advise that you visit us at one of our open events to see the place for yourself. Speak to our staff and student ambassadors to hear what they say about it. Look at the inspiring work on the walls, and genuinely get a feel for the place. The information in this prospectus sets out our stall for you to browse, and it’s a very attractive offer. The fact you’re reading it means you’re searching for your next steps. I say come and see us and build your future.”

Matt Reynolds

Student Approach to Learning

We strongly believe that students need the right approach and mindset if they are going to aim high and really push their aspirations and achievement.


Students and their achievement, support and enjoyment are at the centre of all we do at Cirencester College. We know that moving from a school to a Sixth Form College is an exciting time. Sometimes this will feel challenging, but we have the expertise to provide outstanding and age-appropriate support. We recognise the need to treat students with respect and help them to develop independent learning skills. We are still keen to ensure that students have the pastoral support and guidance to help them develop and achieve their academic, personal goals and that we ensure they stay on track.

Student Progression

We develop the skills and improve the life chances of all our learners by providing support, guidance and inspiration every step of the way. From being in a tutor group with people who are looking at similar career paths, with lots of opportunities to take part in events and activities, such as our annual Employer and Higher Education Convention, to an impressive range of employers keen to share their experience of working in a relevant sector or career.

You will be given lots of inspiration to help you choose a career path that interests you, and our Alumni are keen to come back and share with you what they have done and what to look out for along the way. With expert careers guidance professionals and tutors based in our Progressions Hub, there is always help and advice available for university, apprenticeship and job applications, as well as a ‘job shop’ for work experience opportunities.

Student Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our students is paramount here at Cirencester College. Our Pastoral Team are on hand every day to support our students and help them overcome any barriers they may be facing. Throughout the academic year, we invite external agencies to deliver talks on essential topics which will benefit every student, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential. We also have an extensive Enrichment Programme and a designated Health and Wellbeing Week, with lots of opportunities to have fun.

Academic and Learning Support

We actively welcome students with a wide range of abilities, specific learning difficulties and disabilities. We work with students and parents to make reasonable adjustments to ensure learners, including apprentices, have support to achieve their learning aims. We promote equality of opportunity across all sectors of the College.

All students are screened to assess their individual learning needs. Where academic support tutors identify students who would benefit from specialist support, they will invite these students for further assessment, draw up an individually tailored programme of support and liaise with subject teachers, tutors and parents to ensure that this planned support is delivered effectively. This can include one-to-one private tuition or in-class support.

Developing our Staff

Not only do we have highly qualified specialist subject teachers, but we invest in continually training and developing them too. We also have a culture of sharing best practice and teachers helping each other, so they can be the best they can be.

How do we measure the impact we have?

There are several ways of measuring the impact of a Sixth Form, but essentially they all compare the GCSE score a student achieved at 16 with the A-level or Vocational score they leave with at 18. We use a system called ALPS, which is used by top performing schools and colleges across the country to measure the value we add to each learner and is how we measure and improve quality at Cirencester College.

Amongst all types of 16-19 schools and colleges in England, sixth form colleges have the best value added and make the most difference for students. Our guidance programme for future careers and our highly developed university application process, ensure that student choices are well informed.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) our students consistently perform better at university than state schools and the sixth form sector, no matter what their background. We are also proud to see our Alumni doing well in their careers, many of them come back to inspire current students, particularly in careers such as medicine, law and our Oxbridge Alumni.

physics student
Cirencester college New Buildings

What the students say

My time here at College has been amazing and the teachers supported me throughout the two years and were always there to give help. I’ve made many memories and I’m so glad I chose to come here. The resources and facilities here were like no other and the teachers are so highly experienced in their fields.