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T-levels at Cirencester College

Cirencester College was the first provider for T-levels in Gloucestershire and the region in 2020.  Now with several years’ experience, we offer a wide range of subjects that are taught by industry specialists in partnership with a large variety of employers.

What are T-levels?

Join the T-level revolution at Cirencester College. T-levels or Technical Levels are ground breaking new qualifications which are equivalent to 3 A-levels.  T-levels have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work, further training or study. Cirencester College have been at the forefront of the roll out of T-levels since September 2020 and now as an experienced provider offer a broad range of subjects

T-levels offer students a mixture of classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ experience during an industry placement of at least 315 hours (approximately 45 days).

How long do T-levels take to complete?

T-levels are a 2 year full-time course, with 80% of time spent in the classroom and 20% in the work place.

How many T-levels do I need to study?

One, a T-level is an academically rigorous full-time and stand alone programme.

What subjects are available at T-Level?

To access the full list of T-levels click here

Who are T-levels for?

T-levels are ideal for students who are focussed on a particular career or work skills and either want to progress to university, further training, an apprenticeship or employment.

What is the difference between an A-level and a T-level?

A-levels are subject based qualifications which can be studied as part of a three A-level programme or a mixed A-level/Vocational programme.

A T-level is a full-time programme equivalent to 3 A-levels.