What is the Transition Programme?

This Transition Programme has been carefully planned to ensure that each student is equipped with the right skills to either gain entry onto a level 3 programme or to enter the workplace or an apprenticeship. The programme can be broken down into five different areas which includes the chosen technical level 2 subject, Maths and English GCSE retakes, project based assignments, tutorials and work skills alongside a minimum of 105 hours of work experience.

To apply for this course you will need to choose the level 2 course that you are interested in and then we will fit the Transition programme around your chosen course.

Cirencester College Transition Chart

Level 2 Technical Qualification

The Transition Programme at Cirencester College is a one year Level 2 technical programme. Ideal for students who are hoping to progress to a Level 3, T-level or Vocational course or who are thinking of going straight into employment, training or an apprenticeship.

English and Maths Qualifications

Aside from the requirement for Maths and English at grade 4 – we know from employers that what they really want is literacy and numeracy skills in the work place e.g. Ratio is vital when mixing concrete, equally it is integral when looking at how many staff per child in a Nursery. We will bring the ‘real’ use of Maths and English to life!

Work Experience

There is an expectation to complete 105hrs of work experience – there is a huge amount of flexibility in how this is claimed and we encourage learners to seek out a variety of experiences and not just one – knowing what you DON’T want to do is as important as being clear on what you DO want to do next!

HPQ/EPQ Project Based Qualification

This is a GCSE equivalence and offers the opportunity to explore your own interests and other potential pathways. Here you will be offered guidance on how to complete but there is an emphasis on incremental independency as you plan and prepare for next steps.

Tutorial and Work Skills

Pastoral support and engagement is an integral part of Cirencester Colleges USP. We pride ourselves on providing excellent advice and guidance, leading to positive destinations. This is where you will find support for your next steps and other support functions.

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What GCSE grades do I need to do a Transition programme?

The minimum entry requirements for the Transition programme is at least 3 GCSEs at grade 3 or above.

What technical subjects can I take within the Transition Programme at Cirencester College?

Animal Care, Business, Digital, Equine Care, Health and Social Care,  Land and Wildlife, Outdoor, Adventurous and Physical Activities, Sport, Exercise and Fitness

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