School Liaison

At Cirencester College, we recognise the importance of building good relationships with schools and careers advisors. Our aim is to present the various opportunities that are available to young people post-16, to inspire school leavers and assist them as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.

School Liaison Team

How we can support schools

Assemblies/Small Group Presentations

The Schools Liaison Team can deliver a range of different presentations to students in years 9-11. This could be to a whole year group, tutor groups or a more targeted group of individuals who are interested in a particular pathway.

We can offer a general Cirencester College presentation, which covers the basics such as the variety of courses at the College, the bus transportation system we provide, as well as reassuring students of the pastoral, financial and academic support we offer.

We are also able to deliver a specific pathway talk about T-levels, as well as a more generic presentation for younger year groups which can cover all the potential post-16 pathways and support and advice on choosing Year 9 options.

Careers Events and Parents’ Evenings

We would love the opportunity to attend your school’s Careers Fair or Parents’ Evenings to chat to students about their ambitions and career plans. We have plenty of information that we can bring along, so that students (and their families!) can walk away feeling a lot more confident about what is available to them, as well as having an idea about what college is like. Our curriculum staff are also happy to get involved with these events, and can bring along various activities that the students can participate in.

Mock Interviews

For school leavers, having a mock interview is an invaluable experience before preparing for any upcoming real post-16 education or job interviews. We are happy to support your school as impartial and experienced interviewers for your students who can provide constructive and supportive feedback. A positive experience and introduction to employability skills before they head into the wider world of work/education.

Lunchtime Drop-in Sessions

The team are happy to pop into schools at lunchtimes to host drop-in sessions for students. This can be a great opportunity for students to come by the stall and ask any burning questions, get some advice, or just have a general chat about their plans.

College Tours

The team will gladly host small-group tours in addition to our normal Open Events. This will give students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the College campus and facilities either before or after applying to join us.  

Subject Specific Sessions

If your school is hosting any kind of subject specific event, please let us know as we may be able to support you with this. We have taken part in Cyber days, Maths, Sports, Horticulture and Art workshops in the past.

School ambassador at event
School ambassador at school event

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements to study Level 3 courses?

Generally, applicants require 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above, including English & Maths, to study at Level 3 (A-levels, T-levels, vocational courses). Some subjects also have some slightly higher specific requirements, such as for science-based A-levels, applicants will need Grade 6s in their individual or combined science qualifications, so do make sure to check the course information pages for these specific requirements.

What is the application process?

To apply, students must fill out the application form on our website. This form will ask for their personal details, what they’d like to study, qualifications they are currently studying for and predicted grades. Once submitted, applicants will receive an automatic email to say the application has been received.

Shortly after, they will receive an email inviting them to book in an Admissions Call at a time suitable for them, with a member of the Admissions Team. This is a 10-minute conversation about the courses they have applied for, potential progression routes, their current studies, and personal details, to ensure everything is in order.

After this Admissions Call, applicants will be offered a conditional place to study at Cirencester College. They will receive this offer in an email, and then we keep in touch until they enrol with regular email communications which should support with the transition to college. This is also when our Academic Support team would get in touch to meet with applicants who have additional support needs.

Can students apply for more than 1 course?

Yes, applicants can apply for up to 5 different courses. During the Admissions Call, we will discuss these courses and the applicant’s various options. We provide advice and work with the applicant to narrow these subjects down to a full-time programme of study which is what will show on the applicant’s original offer. However, we understand that some students might not want to make their final choice until the summer, so this is still flexible and can be amended even after receiving an offer – subject to availability.

What happens if a student misses the entry requirements for their chosen courses?

Applicants who do not achieve the entry requirements for their chosen programme do not need to panic, as they still may be able to join us. We encourage all applicants to come along to their enrolment appointments to have a 1:1 chat with an advisor who will be able to discuss various options with the applicant.

How can we contact the Schools Liaison Team?

If your school would like support at an event or with presenting an assembly, or if you have a group of students in mind that you think would benefit from a tour of the campus, please get in touch with us at: