Introduction to guitar

Have you ever wanted to play guitar? Fancied yourself as a rockstar? Maybe you would just like to learn a new skill for yourself? Now’s your chance! From ‘What is a guitar?’ to ‘Look, I know songs!’, we’ve got you covered with this introductory course for aspiring guitarists. Join this small musical group and sign up now, grab a guitar and let’s play some music!

Gregg Brennan (under his guitarist/songwriter stage name Bastion Highwalk) has been teaching music for 27 years and is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts USA. He has taught, toured, performed and recorded internationally and is a mainstay in London’s music scene as a sideman, guest artist and with his own band Black King Crow.

Please note the individual courses. See notes below.


For those who have limited or no knowledge of playing guitar. This class will teach you the basics of guitar and build your confidence.

Songs and songwriters

Have a guitar and don’t know what to do with it? Always wanted to serenade people with songs they know and love but don’t know where to start, or just want to learn for yourself? If any of this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place! In this course we look at acoustic songs by the likes of Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, CCR, Johnny Cash and many more, from popular music, to country and folk. We cover strumming patterns, rhythm, chords, song form and a little about the songs and songwriters themselves, as well as a look at what makes the songs ‘tick’.
(Some knowledge of the guitar is advisable).

Blues Basics

If you’ve always wondered how the blues works, why it sounds like that and how it can be so universal- and want to play it, this is the course for you! In Blues Basics we cover song form, techniques, rhythm, some lead guitar ‘licks’ and ideas that make up the huge vocabulary that we call ‘The Blues’. We explore the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Blues music through playing and history, putting it all in context. You don’t need to be Clapton or Muddy Waters to join this class, all you need is an acoustic guitar and a love of Blues music!


Please remember to bring your guitar!

Hear Bastion Highwalk our wonderful tutor on the guitar

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What topics are covered?

Instrument basics, technique, simple melodies (to begin with), chords, songs, song structure and form.

Potentially culminating in an optional performance of the class at the end of term.

How will I learn?

via demonstration, hand outs.

You will play various parts of a song (i.e. some will play melody, some will play the chords, then you switch so you all learn the same things).

What do I need to bring?

an acoustic guitar

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Rated 5 out of 5

I’d never picked up a guitar before. Didn’t even know how to hold one correctly. Now, with the help of Bastion and a small but friendly group, I’m playing songs with ease and loving every minute.

Very much worthwhile.


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