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A-level Geography students recently enjoyed a virtual lecture delivered by a top doctor from the University of Worcester.

Dr David Storey delivered a virtual session to the students on the concept of Borders, Territory and Identity. This was a beneficial insight into this subject matter’s complexities, something second year students had learned from their Global Governance module, and something first year students will embark on in the Spring term.

Anjalee, one of the students who attended the talk, said: “Dr David Storey’s presentation on the dynamic nature of our territories provided insight on the differing perspectives of globalisation, the nature of sovereignty, and the paradox of integration against rising division. Thus, only highlighting our responsibility as geographers, to not only provide diplomatic solutions but also maintain our geopolitical relations across the globe”.

Course Team Leader Thomas Seale said, “It was amazing to be able to have this input from one of the current researchers in the field of geopolitics. As a department, we normally get out and about to different universities and hold a Geography Conference for our year one students. Sadly with COVID, this has been curtailed. Hence, it was really good for our students to be able to interact with one of our local universities”.

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