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Recently, former Cirencester College student Anna Talbert returned to College to deliver a talk to current English Language students and Oxbridge candidates.

Anna, who attended Cirencester College from 2019-2021 and achieved top grades in A-level English Language, French, Maths and Law, is about to start her second year at Oxford University where she is studying Linguistics and French. She talked to students about her progression from College to University, and what her course involves, including an exciting opportunity to study abroad.

Anna has also offered to mentor students going through the Oxford application process, and offer the same support she received during her time at College.

Speaking on her time at university so far, Anna said “I really love university, I feel like I’ve found my place and I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m on the committee for the Linguistic Society and the Cheerleading squad so I’ve got a lot going on which is really nice.”

Mel, one of Anna’s former teachers, said “Teaching and tutoring Anna was just great. She was interested in everything and took all the opportunities available to her. Anna was brilliant at working out what she wanted to do and exactly how to achieve it- and then she did!”

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