Short Stories Social

If you enjoy literature and would like to find a group of likeminded people to chat about books with, then this is the session for you.  The course will provide an opportunity to read ten of the best short stories ever written and to discuss them in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment.  We will explore a range of stories, from contemporary work to classics, looking at how the different writers engage the reader.  The focus of the sessions will be the group’s responses to the stories – the best lessons are always where we have different ideas! You don’t need to have any expertise to do the course – just a willingness to do a little reading and give your own views.

Please note there will be no lesson the week of half term. Please follow this link for term dates

25th September 2024 : Short Stories Social

Start Date : Wed 25th Sep 2024
Time : 18:00 - 19:30
Location : Cirencester College
Duration : 10 weeks
Spaces : 11
Code : 09/24_SHO_10W_TJ
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What topics are covered?

We will read and talk about ten short stories.

Ranging from Chekov to Roald Dahl, from H.G. Wells to Raymond Carver.

We will cover different periods and different countries.

How will I learn?

This is a very social class. You will read the short stories and then discuss and debate the stories as a class with the enthusiasm and expertise of Literature teacher John.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. Just you and your reading glasses.

Any Questions?

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Wednesday night’s alright for reading…


The short story social on Wednesday evenings is the highlight of the week. Insights from John about the author’s life, the critical reception and context of the work set the scene. The variety of perspectives from the other class members is really fascinating.

Highly recommended.


Fantastic, I'm coming back for more


I feel like I learned to read again doing this course – John chose a wide range of stories and asked thoughtful prompt questions which meant conversation never lapsed. The stories themselves were interesting and the short story is a great form to get used to new styles or authors. The discussions brought texts to life by seeing others’ perspectives.

Having done this course on short stories I’ve been able to enjoy reading novels which previously seemed difficult or boring because now I have a better bank of questions to ask of the texts. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves reading, especially if you want to expand your range and/or like a good discussion.


More more more


A thoroughly engaging and thought provoking course.The time flies and we were left asking for more…

Whilst many of the stories I would never choose to read that in itself expands the mind and challenges preconceptions.

Well prepared presentation and delivered with enthusiasm.

Many thanks



Fascinating & thoroughly enjoyable


I really enjoyed this course. We covered many authors I had not previously read, as well as some familiar favourites. John is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging course leader. It was great to hear some insights into the life, style and context of the different authors. The most interesting aspect of the Short Stories Social was undoubtedly the many and varied interpretations and insights from other course members.

We will be coming back for more.