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Cirencester College has an established background in the delivery of teacher training qualifications. We are currently reviewing our full teaching qualifications aimed at the Lifelong Learning Sector and will update the website when our 2021-22 programmes have been finalised. We will be running the 10 week introductory Level 3 Award in Education and Training, starting 18th September 2023.

While the Level 5 programmes are designed for individuals who wish to teach (or are teaching) in the Lifelong Learning Sector, the Level 3 Award is ideal for those working within industry training or instruction settings. The Lifelong Learning Sector includes colleges, school sixth forms, adult and community learning, workplaces and prisons.

Please email daniel.vaughan@cirencester.ac.uk to register your interest in the introductory award programme or full teaching qualification.

You’ve heard of Teach First and PGCE courses at Uni but did you also know that:

  • You can also learn to teach at Cirencester College.
  • Alongside your placement you may also be offered paid teaching
  • 70% of our lecturers were recruited from our course. ‘Growing your own’ works for us.
  • Where we have a lecturing vacancy we always offer the chance to ‘train on the job’
  • After qualifying in a 6th Form College it is easy to convert to school teaching if that is your thing.

Our course has been specially put together to emphasise the skills you need to thrive in teaching today. This includes behaviour management, best practice in post 16 teaching and learning and how to understand and use data effectively to improve student performance. You will be taught by some of our best lecturers. Several staff who have come to us already qualified have said, ‘I wish I had covered that on my teacher training course’.

If you would like to start your teaching career teaching great students in a well-resourced and top performing College then think about Cirencester

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please use our contact form.

“After graduating from University I decided to do a post-grad conversion in Psychology and was keen to work with students with learning disabilities, which is when I joined Cirencester College as a support worker. I decided to embark on the Diploma in Education Training course to enhance my qualifications and aid my understanding of the teaching profession. I will then be able to put into practice the skills and knowledge I have gained. The great thing about taking the course at Cirencester College is that you are working in a supportive environment and the course is very well organised. I would recommend to others who are thinking of going into teaching!”

Heather BurtDiploma in Education and Training

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