AAT Accounting – Level 3

What does the course involve?

This level 3 course is the 2nd stage of the AAT qualification, with a more in-depth investigation of financial and management accounting techniques.

This course is also available as an approved apprenticeship programme, with associated Government funding available.  If you would like to discuss this, please contact the apprenticeship team at apprenticeships@cirencester.ac.uk.’

Year by year

You will study:

  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements (FAPS)
  • Tax Processes for Businesses (TPFB)
  • Business Awareness (BUAW)
  • Management Accounting Techniques (MATS)

There are individual assessments for all modules except ‘ethics for accountants’ and ‘spreadsheets for accounting’. There is a synoptic assessment that will cover all modules.

Students passing the course will be graded as a pass, merit or distinction.

Further information on the AAT qualification can be found at www.aat.org.uk.

Our level 3 course takes place weekly between 09:00am – 4:00pm on a Monday. The course will start in September 2024 and finish in July 2025.

Course Specific Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course but students must be able to do manual book-keeping up to Trial Balance. It is likely that students will have the L2 AAT qualification or equivalent. You should also complete the ‘Skillcheck’ on the AAT website https://www.aat.org.uk/find-a-course/aat-qualifications-and-courses/aat-accounting-qualifications/aat-skillcheck

How to apply

If you wish to discuss the course or the fees you will pay, please contact adult education

When you wish to apply, please let our adult team know. Nearer to the course start date they will send out enrolment details to those that are interested. Please note that places are limited and a place on the course will only be confirmed once full payment or confirmation of a student loan has been received.

AAT require that all students studying AAT courses that are employed, provide their employer name and contact details. This must be provided on the enrolment form, irrespective of whether or not you require us to invoice your employer for fees.

*Please do not buy books or pay the additional AAT registration and membership fees or assessment fees until you have started your course when your tutor will give full details.

Fees and extra costs

The funding for 2024/25

The cost of AAT L3 is £2,880.00. Fees for students will vary according to personal circumstances. Your personal circumstances at the start of the course will determine which fees you will pay and evidence of this will be required.

To be considered for funding students must be age 19+ at the start of the course and must have lived in the UK for at least 3 years (if this is not the case please contact us – adult.education@cirencester.ac.uk)

  • If you are unemployed (we must see proof in the form of a benefits confirmation) or earning less than £25,000 a year the course is FREE.
  • If you are are in full employment earning more than £25,000 a year you or your employer will need to pay £2,880.00.

Should you be over 19 and eligible to pay the full cost fees, there may be an option to take out an advanced learning loan. Further details can be found at https://www.gov.uk/advanced-learner-loan/overview. Should you need any further information about this loan, please contact our adult education team – adult.education@cirencester.ac.uk

There are some additional fees:

  • When entering any AAT course you will be required to pay a one off registration fee of £225 and an annual AAT membership fee.
  • Course materials (including textbooks) are estimated at £200.
  • In the event of resitting any assessments, these will cost about £63 depending on the assessment.
  • You will pay AAT registration and membership directly to AAT at the start of your course.
  • The Lecturer will advise you about the books that you will need to buy in your first lesson.


What are the additional time commitments to the course?

Other than lesson times, you should plan for at least 6 hours of homework per week. Assessments are usually held on lesson days or on Saturday mornings (dates to be confirmed at induction).

When will the assessments be?

Assessments are usually held on lesson days or on Saturday mornings – dates will be confirmed in your first lesson. You should give 24 hours notice if you find that you will not be able to sit the assessment or we may have to charge you the assessment fee.

Is this course suitable for students finishing GCSEs?

No. We recommend that these students take A Level Accounting as part of their study programme.

Do I have to start at level 2 of AAT if I have some accounting experience?

This is not always necessary. Please check the ‘Skillcheck‘ programmes on the AAT website or contact the adult education team – adult.education@cirencester.ac.uk

What happens if I need to resit any assessments?

If you should have to resit any assessments, lecturing staff will advise and help you wherever possible. Most units can be resat within the normal assessments timetable, however the synoptic assessment may have a specific timeframe in which it can be taken. Resit fees will be payable: there may be occasions when invigilators will need to be come in specifically for a resit. Should this occur, costs for invigilation and remarking may be passed to the students resitting this specific assessment.

How will I get my course books?

At induction your lecturer will advise what books you will require, and let you know the best place to get them from.

Do I need to be good at Maths?

Students need to be logical and methodical thinkers, and enjoy problem solving. Although Maths is not a pre-requisite, a liking for numbers is essential.

Is there anything else I should know?

Prospective students are advised to check the AAT website for details of AAT membership criteria, in particular, criteria relating to student’s personal credit history and financial dealings. This can be found at www.aat.org.uk.

Any Questions?

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