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Recently A-level Sociology students from Cirencester College attended an online lecture with Dr. Louise Folkes from the Sociology Department of the University of Gloucestershire.

Groups of Year 1 and Year 2 students enjoyed a lecture on the topic of ‘Social Mobility’, followed by an interactive element where they explored the idea of social class & the relevance of social mobility in modern society.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain an understanding of how the topics they are currently studying in class are studied at degree level.

Tom Bint, Course Team Leader for Sociology said ‘This was a great opportunity for students to glean ideas from Dr. Folkes. Of particular interest was the idea of a ‘class ceiling’, reference to the barriers that leave working class graduates earning less than their middle-class counterparts. The students found the session hugely insightful and it was a great opportunity to hear from an academic at the cutting edge of sociological research”

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