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Recently students from Cirencester College who study A-level Accounting and the Financial Studies Diploma participated in an online seminar ran by the Finance team from the University of South Wales (USW).

Over the course of two sessions, groups of Year 1 and Year 2 students enjoyed an informative presentation from the university’s Student Recruitment Officer Bronwen Rickard on studying Accounting and Finance at Higher Education level, followed by a presentation about choosing to study at USW.

The most popular part of the seminar was the financial trading simulation run by Jia Cao, a Finance lecturer at USW, in which each student was given £1m to buy and sell shares and had to react to various news articles they were given as quickly as possible to decide how to invest their money.

Accounting lecturer Penny Spice said ‘This seminar was really beneficial for our students and they all really enjoyed it. Especially the trading simulation, they all got very competitive!’

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