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Congratulations to former Cirencester College student Marnie Grant, who recently won the Young Consultant of the Year award at the annual Management Consultancies Association Awards, and the prestigious Times’ Consultant of the Year award.

Marnie attended Cirencester College between 2012-2014 gaining top marks in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Psychology A-levels. After leaving Cirencester College, Marnie completed a Chemistry degree at the University of York before joining PwC in Leeds as a graduate.

Marnie said, “I was delighted to find out I had won Young Consultant of the Year at the MCA Awards. I was even more shocked and elated to find out I won the Times’ Consultant of the Year.

In my role at PwC, I have continued to build on the skills I learnt during my time at Cirencester College. I was always actively encouraged to pursue a diverse set of A-levels and extracurricular activities, rather than feeling I had to follow a more traditional set of choices in order to study a Chemistry degree. This experience gave me the confidence to seize every opportunity as a chance to learn, which has been key in my career in Management Consulting as every client is varied and unique.

Also, my desire and curiosity to problem solve. At Cirencester College I was privileged to have teachers who not only taught me the necessary curriculum but encouraged me to consider wider ranging problems within the subject. This curiosity, desire to question why, and problem solve was fundamental to both my degree and now my career.

I look back fondly on my time at Cirencester College and am grateful for all the support in getting me to where I am now!”

Cirencester College continues to wish Marnie every success in her career.

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