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Recently, a group of Archaeological Technician apprentices from Cirencester College toured Wessex to conduct research of some key sites.

In 2021 Cirencester College became the first and only training provider in the UK to offer the Level 3 Archaeological Technician apprenticeship and are now on their third cohort of apprentices.

Designed by employers, this apprenticeship provides the highest level of training to enable apprentices to work on excavations and post excavation analysis, all whilst gaining a thorough understanding of key periods in British Archaeology.

The apprentices were joined by their lecturer Aidan Scott and Cirencester College Vice Principal Matt Reynolds, for a two-day tour of Wessex, to develop their understanding of British pre-history. Some of the sites visited include: the Uffington White Horse, Wayland’s Smithy, Avebury, and Maiden Castle. Before the trip, they each conducted research of a site to discuss with the group when they arrived. This allowed Aidan and Matt to provide them with some wider context to consider.

Matt Reynolds said “There’s no better way to experience and learn about archaeology than in the field. We’re particularly advantaged by having a number of qualified archaeologists in our teaching team. Aidan Scott, who leads our Archaeology Apprenticeship, is simply inspiring when teaching from the top of a hillfort, bringing the whole landscape to life through dramatic reconstructions built on years of quality research. The whole course has proven highly effective and valuable; a brilliant vehicle for training a new generation of field archaeologists.”

Annabelle Carter, Apprenticeship Lead at Cirencester College, said “We are absolutely thrilled to be the first and only training provider in the country to offer the Level 3 Archaeological Technician Apprenticeship. We currently have nine apprentices on programme and more set to join us in early 2023. Our apprenticeship programme offers a year-round intake with weekly lessons focussing on the ‘Knowledge’ aspect of the apprenticeship, supported by 2 field trips to Wessex and Northumbria to put that learning into real life context. We are hoping to only grow our delivery over the next few years and look forward to working with many more budding archaeologists!”

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