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Recently, A-level Sociology students hosted a Detective Inspector from London’s Metropolitan Police who gave an inspiring talk on her route into her career and her experiences.

A-level Sociology students explore the topics of Youth Cultures and Mass Media as part of their course, so it was particularly insightful to hear of the Detective Inspector’s professional experiences in relation to these areas. In particular, it became clear that the mass media is both a blight and a blessing to policing, particularly the onset of camera phones and social media.

Students studying Criminology were also welcome to attend the talk.

Head of Sociology, Tom Bint, said “This was a superb opportunity for the students and I know as staff we gleaned a great deal from the session too. Students from Sociology and Criminology took the opportunity to ask some excellent questions to the Detective Inspector.

We appreciate this is always a step into the unknown and we’re really appreciative of the honesty with which our guest responded. As she pointed out, policing often involves working with people at their lowest ebb, people who are quite possibly having the worst day of their life. Although no doubt hugely challenging, there are clearly considerable rewards to the role too.

It was really useful to hear of the different roles and routes into the profession, and we’re really grateful for the Detective Inspector’s time and for her to share her experiences with us was invaluable. We hope to invite her back soon”

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