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Congratulations to Year 1 student, Millie, who recently travelled to Dallas with her cheerleading team, Coventry Dynamite, to compete in the NCA All Star Championship; the world’s largest cheerleading competition.

Millie, who currently studies Criminology, Sociology and Psychology at College, has been cheerleading since she was four years old. She has won two UK Grand Championships and also competed in Florida in 2019.

In February, Millie travelled to Dallas along with 25,971 other athletes, 2942 coaches and 1445 teams overall.

Millie spent a week in Dallas, and spent time training rigorously in the lead up to the two-day competition event. This was the second year she has competed in the competition, with her team achieving a bronze in 2022. This year, Millie’s team in the International Under 18 Level 4 category won silver.

“The best way to describe the experience is overwhelming”, said Millie, “There was so much to take in, and it was very inspirational, especially meeting people who are celebrities in the cheerleading world. It was just a really thrilling environment. The next big thing I am hoping for is to compete in the Worlds, and to make it into Team England one day,”

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