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Recently, a group of students from A-level Sociology, Geography and Politics welcomed Professor Kenny Lynch from the International Relations department of the University of Gloucestershire to College.

Kenny delivered an inspiring talk about studying for a degree in International Relations, giving the students an opportunity to see how the topics they are currently studying at A-level strongly link to this academic discipline. They were also offered an insight into the typical themes covered within the International Relations degree at the University of Gloucestershire, such as conflict resolution, gender rights in the Middle East and global poverty.

Tom Bint, Head of Sociology, said “The most significant challenges in the world today, such as energy insecurity, pandemics, and climate change are all global issues. The solutions to many of these issues can be found through greater global collaboration, in effect, stronger international relations.

At Cirencester College, we’ve seen students become impassioned by these topics, with many choosing to pursue degrees in International Relations or International Development, both of which offer excellent employment opportunities. We really appreciate Kenny giving up his time- it was a hugely insightful talk.”

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