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It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Jim Grant, Principal of Cirencester College, and a beloved backbone of our community for over thirty years.

Jim dedicated the majority of his professional life to the college, playing a crucial role in the huge success that it is today.  Jim joined the college as a lecturer of history and archaeology in 1991, progressing quickly to senior lecturer, then head of faculty, assistant principal, vice principal and then Principal in 2017. He was a friend, coach and mentor for many people, staff and students alike, and his impact on all of us was profound.

Students were very important to Jim, everything he did was focused on their experience at the College and how he could make it even better. He has overseen significant growth in the popularity of the college in terms of numbers of staff and students. Thanks to his efforts leading the redevelopments, the campus is unrecognisable compared to the one he joined all those years ago, a notable recent example being our award-winning Digital Building. Our site now demonstrates a strong commitment to ecological sustainability, as well as providing a thriving and vibrant educational environment for our students.

Jim developed an effective management team who will ensure his vision of widening social mobility and providing outstanding education for everyone, continues on the trajectory he has started. Exemplified in his recent appearances in the media and upcoming visit to Parliament, Jim was a champion for our college, and for the nation’s sixth form sector in general.  He was a passionate advocate for T-levels and helped make Cirencester the first college in the country to offer an apprenticeship in archaeology.  He has left a legacy of innovative curriculum development from which many students will benefit.  Finally, he was also a published author of several works, including multiple editions of a successful coursebook for archaeology students. He will be deeply missed by us all.

Peter Holmes, Chair of Governors said, ‘Jim will be missed by a great number of people who have worked with him now and over the many years he has given to Cirencester College and its community. The governors and the management team are united in their wish to ensure his legacy continues to grow and thrive.’

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