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Recently our 2nd year Equine Management students planned and ran a show for the first year students to participate in. This event forms part of their second year assessment when they complete the event management unit.
The students worked together over the year to plan this event, gaining many skills along the way.
The event was split into different classes. The first class was the ‘Best Turned-Out Class’.  Students were expected to present their horses to professional competition grooming standards, including many grooming enhancements such as plaiting and quarter marks.
An external judge joined the team for the afternoon and used her skills to judge the class.  She also took the time to discuss with students what she was looking for, giving them all a great insight into the world of professional showing and preparing the competition horse.
The second class was a ‘Trec’ competition, where horse and handler had to negotiate a range of tricky obstacles to demonstrate horse handling ability.  This was timed with the fastest completer declared the winner.
Course Leader for Equine Angela Sproule said “The students did extremely well and all the horses looked amazing and were very well-behaved.
The event went extremely well and both year groups gaining a great deal of experience from it.”
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