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Recently, Year 1 T-level Finance students were visited by Debbie from MyBnk, a charity financial training organisation, who delivered a course in personal money management.

The overall aim of the course was to empower and inform the students to feel prepared for living independently and making their own money choices.

The course was broken down into four topic areas: Budgeting and Household Costs, Your Income, Banking, and Borrowing, and the students completed a range of activities to develop their understanding.

Highlights of the programme included a furnish a flat challenge; a shocking demotivator task which showed students how much money they spend on things like fast food and coffee; and a fun exercise to emphasise the importance of reading contracts and terms and conditions thoroughly.

The students commented on how much they enjoyed the two-day course, and they each completed a workbook and gained a Level 1 Certificate in Personal Money Management.

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If you’d like to find out more about the MyBnk organisation, please visit their website MyBnk – Delivering expert-led financial education to young people

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