Everything you need to know about Cirencester College Open Days

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Open Evening: Thursday 29th June 2023

What’s a Cirencester College Open Day?

On Open Day, Cirencester College opens its doors to prospective students, allowing visitors to take a good look at our learning facilities, accommodation and social spaces. We have subject presentations, opportunities to speak to our specialist lecturers and student ambassadors and research your potential learning programme. It’s a great way to help you decide if Cirencester College is the right place for you.


Why should you attend an Open Day?

Open days are a great opportunity to learn more about where you’ll spend the next two or more years of your education. These are really important years, so we want to ensure you are able to make the most informed choice.


How should you plan your Open Day visit?

Planning is one of the key aspects to ensuring you get the best out of your day. Think about the subjects you are interested in and you would like to know more about.  Also take a look at the other  talks which include ‘Why Study at Cirencester College’, Apprenticeships, our High Achievers’ Academy, Enrichment and T-level talks.  It might also make sense to create a list of questions you have, whether it relates to the courses you’re interested in or a question about the College Campus.

How do you book a place on an Open Day?

On the Cirencester College website, you can view our upcoming events which will show when our next Open Day is. Once it’s available to book you can register for the Open Day and book which sessions you wish to attend.

For a full list of our upcoming events please visit our events page here.


Who should you take to a Cirencester College Open Day?

It’s very common to take a parent or guardian with you on these visits. Not only does it make them feel included, but it’s also handy to have someone asking questions you may not think of.

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