Adult Education

Adult education is for people over the age of 19 years who wish to develop their skills and qualifications to improve their employment prospects. It is also for those who want to change career direction or just learn something new to keep their mind healthy.

Which course is right for me?

All of our courses are for adults age 19+

GCSE is the course for you:

  • If you don’t already have a C grade in English or Maths GCSE
  • If you are confident that you know the subject well
  • You want a revision class to prepare you and enter you for the summer exams

Pre GCSE is the course for you:

  • If you need a short knowledge booster before taking the GCSE course
  • If you have been away from education for a while
  • You want to boost your confidence in Maths and English
  • This is the perfect stepping stone for the GCSE course

Functional Skills is the course for you:

  • If you don’t have a C grade in GCSE or a pass grade in Functional skills Level 2
  • If you are worried or unsure about returning to education
  • If you have had a bad (unmotivated) experience of education – You will soon feel pleased with your progress
  • Functional skills are recognised qualifications themselves, but can also give you the perfect base to progress to GCSE

ESOL is the course for you:

  • If your first language is not English
  • If you studied / lived in another country
  • and you want to improve your English for your Job, your life or your children

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