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Recently a group of students studying Philosophy and Religion travelled to Bristol to compete in the Ethics Cup.

The Ethics Cup is a tournament in which school and college students discuss ethical issues of public concern. Rather than a debate, it’s a collaborative discussion, and the team that best displays the virtues of insightfulness, thoughtfulness and civility takes home the cup.

Six students from Year 1 and Year 2 made up the Cirencester College team to take part in the competition, held at the University of the West of England.

The students competed in three matches debating whether it is ethical to breed pets with genetic diseases, whether journalists should always be objective, and whether technology companies should be allowed to use encrypted messages.

Philosophy and Religion lecturer, Lori Moss, said “Although the students didn’t win the competition, the students were brilliant and got lots out of the competition.”

Year 1 student Annika said “It was a very eventful experience. I think everyone felt the suspense and the nerves initially, to be brought into a brand-new experience. However, it was these nerves that really brought us all together as a team. Everyone’s contributions as a team made the experience worthwhile and we hope to partake again next year, hopefully stronger.”

If you are interested in Philosophy and Religion, Cirencester College has two different pathways at A-level in Christianity and Buddhism.

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