Digital Support Technician: Digital Services Level 3

apprentice working


The apprenticeship will typically take 18-24 months to complete


The broad purpose of a Digital Support Technician is to maximise the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies and digital information systems to achieve objectives.  A Digital Support Technician apprentice will interact with a wide variety of internal or external users of digital systems through digital channels, by phone and/or fact to face.  This apprenticeship will allow the apprentice to select one of the following two routes:

Digital Service Technician – to support the external customers and clients of their organisation through a wide variety of digital channels, to help them access and receive services, to coach and support them in their use of the digital systems and to diagnose and resolve their problems in relation to the access and use of the digital technologies

Each apprentice will be allocated a Coach to support ongoing learning and preparation for EPA.  In addition Progress Reviews will take place regularly to ensure the apprentice is on track.

End Point Assessment

The three EPA assessment methods are:

  • 2 multiple choice Knowledge Tests
  • A Portfolio of Evidence or ‘Showcase’
  • A Case Study, Presentation and Interview

Link to Professional Registration

Those completing the Digital Support Technician apprenticeship will be recognised for entry onto the BCS, the CIIT or Register of IT Technicians confirming SFIA Level 3 professional competence.