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On Monday, Cirencester College opened their doors again and welcomed back nearly 2,500 students.

Chair of Governors Peter Holmes, shared the relief of students, parents and staff, saying:

“This has been a difficult year for children and young people, but I want to pay tribute to the staff, students and volunteers who have been working throughout this lockdown to help learning continue.

 Teachers have listened to students and developed online learning to help young people get the best out of the sessions, Pastoral care staff have been regularly ringing students to check on their well-being, site staff have been ensuring the College is a safe and secure environment for students and numerous support staff helped by volunteers from amongst parents have been COVID testing students.

 The College has ensured that it has followed government guidance in testing and wearing masks. Whilst many don’t like the extra imposition, most see it as a way of helping to keep their friends safe.  All of them are to be commended and thanked for their efforts to ensure the College can get back to what it does best – creating a high-quality learning environment for all.

 ’m sure the same applies to many schools in the area as well but the governors at the College are particularly proud of the way the whole College community has risen to the challenge presented by this pandemic.”

Peter Holmes

Chair of Governors

Cirencester College

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