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Recently Year One A-level Geography students took a trip into Gloucester to undertake fieldwork that will support current themes they’re studying in class.

Their first stop was to Southgate Street to explore ‘the death of the high street’, before heading to Barton Street to look at the ideas of multiculturalism and deprivation. Their final stop was Gloucester Quays to study how the old area of docks has rebranded itself into a visitor attraction.

The students enjoyed putting the wide range of data collection methods they have been discussing in class into practice. They particularly enjoyed using a mobile app which uploads data straight to GIS software. The data collected will aid the students in developing ideas for their upcoming individual coursework projects.

Course Team Leader Thomas Seale said “It was amazing to see how the geographers interacted with the different locations across the city and gather such a wealth of data and ideas to use in their own fieldwork”

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