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Congratulations to Year 2 student Ellie who has won the Cirencester Rotary Club logo competition.

Cirencester Rotary Club is planning an ‘Active Family Fun Day’ on 10th September 2022. It will be supported by the College and a variety of local sports clubs and trainers who will provide inspiration and participation opportunities throughout the day.

The Rotary Club needed a logo for the event, and asked the College if this could be a student competition. The brief for which was to link the brand name ‘Activius’ with activity and a Cirencester Roman theme.

Ellie, who currently studies A-levels in Textiles, Biology and Psychology, entered the competition to test her creative abilities and expand her portfolio. After a week spent coming up with a few different ideas, Ellie created three logos using drawing software she has at home and then chose one of those to develop as her final design.

On finding out she had won the competition, Ellie said “When I was told I had won, I didn’t really know what to say, I couldn’t believe it. I am proud of myself for giving it a go, this has given me more confidence in my own ability”

Since winning the competition, Ellie has met with a representative from the Rotary Club to develop her design further; her logo will be used for the Active Fun Day event and possibly for other Rotary Club events in the future.

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