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Recently Year One student Buster received a Pride of Swindon award for an incredible act of bravery he showed last year.

Buster, who was 16 at the time, was cycling home from town when he came across a man on the A419 bridge. The man had a cable around his neck, and was clearly about to jump. Buster approached him and dialled 999, then proceeded to calmly chat to him for 25 minutes whilst they waited for the police to arrive. The man was highly emotional and Buster had to hold onto him whilst they waited.

Once the police arrived at the scene, Buster’s dad came to collect him and he broke down about what had happened. Two weeks later the police phoned Buster to tell him that the man was doing a lot better and receiving support, which reassured him.

Buster’s proud parents put him forward for a Pride of Swindon award for the courage he showed, and he has become the youngest person to receive the award.

Buster, who is currently studying English, Law and Graphics at college, said “It was a scary and upsetting situation but I feel like I was supposed to be there. It was the first time I had ever cycled into town and then that happened, kind of like it was fate. I was really happy to receive the award, it was amazing to see the other people who were receiving awards for things they had done too.  I would like to be a Police Officer in the future now.”

Will Chapman, Buster’s graphics teacher, said “Buster is a studious individual with lots of personality and drive. He is an individual in every sense of the word who walks his own path and has an extremely bright future ahead of him”

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