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Recently, students who are a part of the Robotics enrichment group at College reached the final of the Student Robotics competition run by the student union at Southampton University.

A mixture of Year 1 and 2 students met weekly in the lead up to the competition to build and programme their robot

Five students travelled to Southampton to represent Cirencester College in the competition. Across two days, the team competed against other schools in a variety of games in which the robots had to complete certain tasks such as retrieving cans to earn points.

Out of 17 games, team Cirencester were victorious in 16 of them; sending them into the final of the competition where they placed 4th overall.

Engineering lecturer Nigel said “It was an amazing, educational and competitive experience for all who attended. To get to the finals was a brilliant achievement. Next year we are hoping to expand our team further”

Electronics student Christella said “It was really nice to meet new people from different schools who were interested in the same thing; everyone was really friendly and it was an amazing weekend. I learnt a lot about building and troubleshooting robots which has given me some invaluable transferable skills. I would definitely do it again”

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