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Congratulations to Camilo Pires, a former Cirencester College student, who recently graduated from The University of the West of England with First Class Honours in Software Engineering, and featured on the Dean’s List every year for Academic Excellence.

Camilo attended Cirencester College from 2017-2019 and gained a double distinction star in Level 3 IT, and an A in A-level Economics. Camilo now works for Expedia Group as a Product Manager, and he hopes to make a big impact in accessible travel for people with disabilities like himself.

Camilo said “Some of my favourite memories of Cirencester College include the independence I felt from day one, making a great group of friends (one of my best friends is someone I sat next to!) and having a great relationship with the staff.

My advice to today’s Cirencester College students would be to enjoy the environment- there is nothing quite like Cirencester College! It can be hard but try to make the most of it and remember the long-lasting friendships you could build, just like I did!”

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