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At the end of May, the Level 3 second year horse management students ran a Trec and Turnout Show for the Level 3 first year and the Level 2 horse students as part of their event management module.

The Trec portion of the competition involved the competitors negotiating an obstacle course, whilst leading their horse. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the handler’s technique and control when working with their assigned horse. The students were marked on their accuracy of completing each obstacle or tasks, this included weaving the horse through barrels and asking the horse to stand still between two set markers for a set period of time.

The second class looked at the turnout, here the horse and handler’s presentation were judged against set criteria based on specific aspects of the horse’s appearance including their mane, tail and overall cleanliness. Each of the handlers were also expected to present themselves in a clean and tidy manner.

Both of the show days ran smoothly with the students spending the morning preparing their horses and the afternoon competing in both classes. Toni who was participating in the event said “I really enjoyed plaiting Lucy and making her look smart” Another competitor, Chelsea said she liked how organised the day was and how the atmosphere was relaxed.

The Level 3 students who had organised the competition had a busy day ensuring that everything ran to schedule and everyone had an enjoyable experience. Eve, who was one of the students running the event said that “Organising and running the event was an educational and enjoyable experience. As a group, we learnt a lot working together on this project, and the actual event days were a lot of fun and a nice time to spend together before the end of the course”.

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