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Recently A-Level Geography students from Cirencester College took a trip into Gloucester to complete fieldwork and develop their data collection skills, in preparation for completing their upcoming coursework projects.

This trip was one of the first times that Cirencester College Geography students were able to go out and complete fieldwork since Covid, giving students on both the Physical and Human Geography pathways a chance to gather data surrounding various themes they have been studying in class including ‘death of the high street, multiculturalism and rebranding’.

Human Geography student Megan Land said “We visited the city of Gloucester in order to gain better knowledge and practice the data collection methods we will be using in our own coursework. There were three elements which each focused on a different area of the city, and a different data collection method. It was very useful in learning which methods would be best suited for our coursework.”

Course Team Leader for Geography Thomas Seale said “It was so good to see our students back out collecting data and interacting with the themes learnt in class, in a normal year we take students on a range of fieldtrips both day trips and optional residential trips”.

You can find out more about Cirencester College courses here:  Course Information – Cirencester College

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