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A group of Sociology students from Cirencester College took their first trip of the year to the University of Worcester last week.

The A-level students visited the Sociology department where they were given a flavour of how the sociological themes they are currently studying in class, are studied at degree level.

Said topics ranged from the sociology of photographic memory, exploring pseudo-specific racism, and an insight offered by Dr. Simon Hardy into the growing inequality in the modern world.

Tom Bint, Course Team Leader for Sociology said “The purpose of the day was simply to help students make a more informed choice in terms of their next step after College. As a former Worcester student, it was lovely to revisit the Sociology department & see some of the same staff who taught me 25 years ago! We’re seeing a record number of students selecting A-level Sociology and it’s no surprise really. I can think of few, if any subjects that hold more relevance in the 21st Century. It’s great to see so many students enthused and motivated by the subject matter”

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