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Recently A-level Geography students have hosted a series of guest speakers from different universities and charities.

Year 2 students enjoyed a virtual talk with Dr Chris Spencer from the University of West England on changes in the water cycle in relation to climate change and tropical cyclones. The topics discussed in this session will give the students an opportunity to build on the subject content taught in the Global Systems module they are currently studying.

Students on the Human Geography pathway had the chance to further their study of development in Sub Saharan Africa, and get a flavour of how this topic is studied at degree level by talking virtually to Dr Alan Dixon from the University of Worcester.

Mark Giffard-Lindsay from the charity of Global Action engaged Year One students in a talk about the charity’s work in Nepal and the aftermath of Nepal’s 2016 Earthquake. This session will aid the students in their study of tectonic hazards, and provided an insight into different careers that involve geography

Course Team Leader Thomas Seale said “It was really good for our Geographers to learn more on the current research and non-governmental organisations work in relation to their current Modules; it really gave them a different perspective on the subject matter they are studying”

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