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Recently Year One A-level Geography students visited Worcester University to participate in a taster day, to get an idea of what studying Geography at University entails.

The Geography team at the University laid out a variety of hands-on sessions for the students to take part in. In the morning, the students learned about how urban areas are planned for and designed, and how they can be made more sustainable for the future.

In the afternoon, the students were enlightened on the issue of flooding in Worcester and took part in a simulation activity in which they built mock living rooms and watched them be flooded, this was achieved by creating realistic flood water by mixing a variety of ingredients from soil to chemicals and mock up sewage. This was followed by a flood mapping exercise using ARC GIS software.

Course Team Leader Thomas Seale said “It was fantastic to see the students so engaged and enthusiastic about Geography and thinking about taking it to the next step by studying it at University. There was a real buzz from everyone on the trip, and a huge thank you to Worcester University for making this such an incredible day for our students”

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