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This week, Media, Performing Arts, Uniformed Services, and Adult Nursing students collaborated to participate in a mock major incident scenario.

The event involved reacting to a hypothetical major incident in the College Sports Hall. Performing Arts students played the role of injured casualties, with the help of media makeup and special effects, and stayed in character throughout.

The incident was managed by Uniformed Services students, who acted as Police Officers, and Fire Fighters. T-level Adult Nursing students acted as Paramedics and transported the casualties to the College hospital ward to be triaged and treated. Media students played the role of the press reporting on the event.

Uniformed Services Lecturer, Andrew Brookes, said “During the major incident scenario, it was great to see so many students from different disciplines coordinating their efforts.

The stark reality of this exercise is that many of them will go on to supporting such life and death operations in their future careers.

This was about placing students into challenging situations and a lot of learning took place. Thank you to the students for participating, and the staff that made this happen.”

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